Budget Cuts at MOA

As the quarter draws to a close, I thought I would share one last article from the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology.  The article discusses budget cuts and how the museum and archives are affected.  The current trend of budget cuts is being felt with our neighbors to the north.  Archival projects at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia represent a large collection of culturally significant material to Canada and are in dire threat of being eliminated due to cuts to the National Archival Development Program.  Have any of you visited the MOA?  It is a beautiful place and they are doing great work there. 



The mutations of marketing and libraries

This article provides good information as to the key concepts of promoting libraries, and why they are important. There are the four ‘P’s when it comes to marketing: ‘Product’, “Price’, ‘Place’, and ‘Promotion’. By using these concepts, it is possible to let the general population be aware of all the items and services the library provides. The shows the changing evolution of promoting libraries, and it emphasize how current technologies, such as mobile apps takes on to the new frontier. 


Creating a Mobile Booklist “App”

This article explains the process of how an app was created and the justifications on its template and layout. It’s a very resourceful articles that shows an app and its functions step bu step. We can use this article as a guide to see what information we can include in the body for our app. It solidify that apps help promote the libraries, and increase awareness of its resources. 


Marketing of library and information products and services

The following is an article that describes why marketing for the library and its services are important in our society. The authors describes its marketing process in Bangladesh, where modern public and academic libraries have set up their own marketing and customer services departments and to promote and satisfy its patrons. Some key notes to marketing libraries: increase user satisfaction, manage libraries and products, attain the goals and objective of libraries.


Women in American librarianship and valuing women’s work

I found the reading of Garrison’s reading: “The Tender Technicians: The Feminization of Public Librarianship, 1876-1905” very interesting. It seems that females were hired for basically cheap labor…When you compare the librarian registra in the mid-1850s, it was all male, and in less than a century’s time, 2/3 of librarians were female. Here’s a link to a blog that explains more about women in librarianship, and you’ll find some nifty factoids.


Century 21 Digital Collection

A cool database I like is The Seattle Public Library’s Century 21 Digital Collection. It contains images and scans from The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. That’s the time when the Space Needle and the monorail was introduced to the world, plus Elvis came to town! It’s really a great collection of images!

This is related to the Lee reading “What do Job Postings indicate about Curator Competencies?” The Seattle Room, which is a special collections department at The Seattle Central Library, is responsible for this collection. They recently had hirings in which the job posting indicates a need of scanning knowledge and internet skills. Someone has to manually scan, save, and then upload it to this website, and there’s more scans to come! It focus on some of the high level functions as stated in the readings: administration, management, preservation planning, production, archival storage, etc.