Working with Stack Tracks

As Christie and Nel both noted below, the collaborative effort put forth by our group members for this final assignment was great. The proposal/writing about Stack Tracks seemed to fall together with ease–everyone contributed equally to a project for which we held (and still hold) enthusiasm. The learning process for this project–to visualize, research, and present ideas for a new mobile application that could change the way we relate to libraries–was clear and rewarding.

Because the scope of Stack Tracks is so large, the literature review with which we started the project was (to say the least) useful. As I noted in my lit. review of examples that Stack Tracks might study/follow, part of our responsibility as library professionals lies in shaping and presenting information in the best ways we know how, especially where technology is concerned. This project allowed us to think about both raw data and aesthetics. In other words, what coding and testing might be necessary to get Stack Tracks up and running, and how could the interface of a mobile app like Stack Tracks be made visually appealing? Those are just a couple of the many questions we considered and addressed in the course of this project.

As has also been mentioned, there’s nothing that compares to actually visiting a special collections division, or archive, or repository, etc. That said, mobile apps–especially if they’re well designed, informative, and intriguing–could act as great motivators for a library user to visit her school’s special collections division, or encourage a student in search of an in-depth source or artifact to visit an archive. Stack Tracks’ ability to plan and guide is one of its great strengths; ST would prove highly supportive in both of the situations mentioned above.

Working on this project allowed our group time and space to figure the transformations that are bound to occur in future information technology. The project allowed us room to consider information technology’s ever-changing role in special collections and archives, too.

Many thanks to Annette, Christie, Nel, and Warren for this quarter’s encouraging group work experience.


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