Thanks Everyone!

Working with everyone this quarter on this blog has been a great experience.  Since we all had a common interest of archives there was a common ground and connection from which the group could draw upon.  Archives and special collections are an invaluable resource.  Because of limitations in funding, especially with the recession, and the high cost of digital preservation, large digitization projects are not as practical as cheaper more affordable apps.

I agree with everyone’s assessment regarding the group’s performance on this project.  Thanks to everyone’s hard and efficient work, the assignment came together very quickly and easily.  It was great to be involved in a group in which all of the members were responsive and proficient.

We decided to use googledocs to collaborate and edit the paper, surprisingly I’d never used googledocs so when a group member suggested it I was excited to try it, it worked very well, and made collaboration between the group very easy.

The idea for an app, especially an app such as Stack Tracks was a great idea, and one that is truly needed.   The assignment was to make a contribution and I feel as though this app proposal is significant.  Despite library professional’s conclusions that apps are going to be trending, the app market and libraries have not produced many apps yet.  The ones that have been produced have largely been institution/library specific.  Having an app such as Stack Tracks that is collaborative between many library institutions is beneficial and useful.

Thank you Shannon, Christie, Nel, and Warren for all of your hard work, input, and posts.  Hope everyone has a fun summer.


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