Reflections on Stack Tracks

My thoughts after reflecting on our proposal for a mobile app, Stack Tracks, are the same as when we decided on the project: I think the idea behind Stack Tracks is a sound one. Bringing attention to libraries by highlighting unique features and services and encouraging people to visit libraries in person are important and worthwhile efforts, for a couple of reasons.

First, as the archivist I interviewed earlier this quarter mentioned, libraries are becoming similar in that it is easier than ever to get access to the same books and resources. Special collections are what make libraries unique.

And second, encouraging people to actually visit a special collection or an archive in person—which Stack Tracks will do via its trip planning functionality—is essential, as I noted in my portion of the literature review, because archives hold our collective heritage. I truly do believe that there is power in viewing a historical artifact in person rather than on a screen or reading about it in a book.

Ultimately, I think the project served its purpose of asking each of us to seriously consider taking our work to a professional setting. That had been intimidating to me, but both through this assignment and in talking with the archivist from my leader interview about presenting at professional conferences, it seems much more feasible and even fun.

Overall, I thought the process of creating our proposal for Stack Tracks went smoothly, especially given the time constraints imposed by receiving the project so late in the quarter. Our group worked well together and it was truly a collaborative effort. It was great working with Christie, Annette, Shannon, and Warren throughout the quarter.


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