Reflection: Thanks for the memories!

                Our group is based around the fact that we all have an interest in archives and special collections.  The wonderful thing about archives and special collections is the variety of archives and special collections that exist.  Each member of the group has their own specific area of interest within archives and special collections, something that is somewhat reflected in our various posts.  I say somewhat because certain posts dealt with our interests but the tasks set forth in the assignments, including the final assignment, gave us the opportunity to explore beyond our interests and to perhaps gain new interests.   

                I really enjoyed working with my group and they were very easy to work with throughout the quarter and on this final assignment.  Our idea for a mobile application, Stack Tracks, will be a great tool that libraries and archives can utilize to allow users to create their own unique information experience.  Although we have not actually built the application our group has created a plan of action and conceptualized functions that might one day make this application a reality.    It was nice to come up with an idea that all group members agreed on and seemed interested in doing.  Through email communications we were able to coordinate our efforts.  For the first part of the assignment we decided what information we wanted to find for our literature review and everyone chose a category.  We also used this strategy for the final written part of our assignment.  The final written part of our assignment also involved the creation of a shared Google document that we could use to add the sections we each wrote and combine them for the final draft. 

                Overall, for a group project, this whole process was painless and enjoyable.  Group projects can quickly become a situation where a few people pull the weight for everyone else in the group.  This group did a great job in equally dispersing and doing the work.  Thank you for a great quarter-Annette, Nel, Shannon and Warren!


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