Assignment 3 — The Bothell Public Library

For assignment 3 I will be evaluating the Bothell Public Library, part of the King County Library System.  The Bothell Library is very close to where I live, so easy access was a major factor in my decision to evaluate the library.  I also really enjoy visiting this library.  The library is not very big (although it is classified as “large” by the King County Library System) so when you walk into the main doors you have a somewhat panoramic view of all areas of the library and it is very easy to observe the various interactions taking place. There is definitely a strong community feeling in the library.  People come in regularly for free classes that range from ESL to small business strategies.  The Bothell Library seems to be doing a good job of providing services to its patrons despite its size limitation and the fact that it is somewhat off the beaten path.

I’ve read through the Niegaard’s article “Library Space and Digital Challenges” and Schlipf’s article “The Dark Side of Library Architecture: The Persistence of Dysfunctional Designs” and will use them to evaluate the library as a place.  The aspects I am planning to examine include the design of the building which was recently remodeled and the services offered by library.


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