Library as Place Preview

Although I’ve already posted about a past visit to the Whitman College and Northwest Archives and some of the considerations impacting the design of the archival reading room, for the library as place assignment I have decided to focus on the architecture of Penrose Memorial Library (the library housing the Northwest Archives) as a whole. The readings this week—particularly the articles by Gwynn and Latimer, and their discussions of what a library space symbolizes—have made me think about the library in ways that I hadn’t considered before, namely what Penrose stands for in relation to the college as a whole and how that impacts the library building—from how the college architects oriented it on campus to the evolution in its architecture.

On a slightly related note, I came across this blog post today and thought I’d pass it along. It mentions several things we’ve talked about this quarter—library stereotypes and various ways libraries are “reinventing” themselves.


3 thoughts on “Library as Place Preview

  1. Thanks for sharing Nel! That was a very interesting post. Instead of taking a trip to visit ballparks this summer like some people, I think it would be fun to take a road trip and visit all the neat libraries around the country. Maybe that is too nerdy but it would still be fun! 🙂

  2. I think it would be fun, too! Road trip! That would be a really interesting theme for a blog–pictures and reviews of libraries from all over the country. Hmm….:)

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