Resources for Archival Professionals

Being as though our blog is about archives, I decided to devote this post to resources relating to preservation techniques and professional practices.  Two sources in particular offer great free resources for archival workers and museum professionals; the Canadian Conservation Institute and the National Parks Service both publish free online newsletters (links are posted below).  These brief articles provide for basic preservation techniques with both a bibliography so that the reader can read more on the subject, and in many cases, archival supply contact information to gather the required materials.  Although both newsletters focus on a wide variety of preservation topics with more of a focus on museums, there are significant contributions to archival science.

The Canadian Conservation Institute publishes CCI Notes on a wide variety of topics.  Of interest to archivists in particular are articles in Preventative Conservation, articles on pest management, articles on paper and book conservation and preservation, disaster response, and caring for photographic collections.  Every single article is posted online with free access.

The National Park Server publishes leaflets similar to the Canadian Conservation Institute.  Topics relevant to archival studies include sections with articles on agents of deterioration, paper objects, photographs, archival and manuscript collections, disaster response, and the creation and care of digital collections.


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