Digital Preservation at the Library of Congress

Warren’s post about the Seattle Public Library’s Century 21 Digital Collection of artifacts from the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle reminded me of a great resource from the Library of Congress. LOC has an entire section of their site dedicated to digital preservation. In addition to a lot of information about digital preservation standards and best practices, visitors can read the LOC’s blog and its digital preservation newsletter, and get tips for preserving their own photo collections. There’s also link to, which looks like a pretty cool tool for adding interactivity to online digital collections.

One other aspect of this site that I found notable is that it links to the LOC’s web archiving project. Since 2000, the LOC has been preserving websites related to events such as presidential elections and September 11th. I’d like to think that if the internet had been around in 1962, thanks to sites like this we’d be able to see what the Seattle World’s Fair website looked like.


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