Century 21 Digital Collection

Century 21 Digital Collection

A cool database I like is The Seattle Public Library’s Century 21 Digital Collection. It contains images and scans from The 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. That’s the time when the Space Needle and the monorail was introduced to the world, plus Elvis came to town! It’s really a great collection of images!

This is related to the Lee reading “What do Job Postings indicate about Curator¬†Competencies?” The Seattle Room, which is a special collections department at The Seattle Central Library, is responsible for this collection. They recently had hirings in which the job posting indicates a need of scanning knowledge and internet skills. Someone has to manually scan, save, and then upload it to this website, and there’s more scans to come! It focus on some of the high level functions as stated in the readings: administration, management, preservation planning, production, archival storage, etc.


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